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By | May 17, 2019

The is a Private IP Address assigned by the Internet Services Provider to the routers in a home or a local network. This IP Address can be used by the router to communicate with the internet. This IP Address is also used by many routers as the Default Gateway. The users will be able to access the Admin panel of the router using this IP. Sometimes, the users face difficulty to Login to the admin panel or they are unable to log in. This is not a serious issue. We will provide some solutions to overcome the situation of Unable to Login from this article. Login Error Possible Reasons

There are various reasons when the user gets the login error. These reasons are listed below.

  • is not the Default Router IP.
  • is not correctly spelt in the search bar.
  • Internet connection not active.
  • User ID & password is not correct.
  • Router is plugged in the power source.

These reasons can lead to getting the login error. If the user manages to resolve these errors than the user can log in to the admin panel.

Unable to Login Solution

The users will be able to resolve the login error. They will need to check the solution details as given below.

  • Check that the router is plugged in the power source & the device is connected with the wifi network.
  • Make sure that 10.0.0138 is the Default Router IP.
  • Spell correctly in the search bar.

  • Make sure the user id & password which you are using is correct. If the user id does not work then the user must use the default Id & password. The user can also Reset the Router settings.

Unable to Login

The users can also contact us to get further solutions about this problem. CheckĀ Admin Login

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