Restore Default Settings of Router

By | May 1, 2019

What is a Router?

A router is a device which is used in the local area networks. This device performs the various actions necessary to be connected with the internet. The networks admins can also access various settings of the internet. It is also used by the network admins to access the various protocols of the internet. This works on a set of software which is known as the Router Firmware. Sometimes the router starts malfunctioning. In this case, the router settings can be restored to default. Here we will discuss the details of the “Restore Default Settings of Router“. Thus the users must check the article to get these details.

Functions of a router

The router in a local network performs various functions. These functions involve the distribution of IP Addresses or other internet settings to various devices. The routers can also be used to change or modify the settings of the internet connection. Some of the protocols which can be enabled from the router are as follows.

These protocols can be enabled from the router admin panel. There are various other settings which can be done from the admin panel of the router.

Restore Default Settings of Router

Procedure to Restore Default Settings of Router

The network admins can make the settings of the router to be restored as default settings. The admin will need to access the admin panel of the router to do this process. They must check the procedure details as given below.

  • Open the admin panel of the router or click here for Admin Login.
  • Now open the router settings menu.
  • Click on Restore to defaults.
  • The router will now start rebooting to restore the default settings.

This procedure will help the users to get the default settings of the router. They can also leave a comment below to get further details of the procedure.

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