Private IP Address

By | April 21, 2019

IP Address

An IP Address is the most important thing for a device which is connected with the internet. Without having an IP, the device will not be able to communicate with the internet. Further, we can denote the IP Address as the Internet Protocol IP Address ( for a device. This serves as the internet address of the device on the internet. These addresses can be classified in various ways. These can be classified on the basis of use, allocation method, protocol version. Here we will discuss the details of the Private IP Address. So the users must check the article to get the details.

Private IP Address

In a private network, the devices get connected with the internet through the router. The router in the network provides the devices with the IP Addresses. It serves the IP Addresses to the devices from the IP Address range as provided by the ISP. The IP Addresses thus provided by the router are known as the Private IP’s. These can also be called as the Non-internet Facing IP’s. These IP Addresses are always provided by the router or modems to the devices which are in the local network.

Private IP Address

Ranges of Private IP & Uses

There are various ranges of the IP Addresses in the private network. These ranges have a different number of IP Addresses. The details of the IP Address range are as follows.

Address block Address range Number of addresses– 1048576– 65536 – 16777216

All these IP Addresses are used in private networks. The routers in the private network provide these IP Addresses to the devices which are in the local network. These allocations either take place manually or by using the DHCP model. If the user wants to know more about the Private IP’s then the user can leave a comment below. We will provide prompt assistance.

Types of IP Address

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