Difference Between Wifi Admin & Wifi Password Admin Login If the Default Gateway of the router is in a home network then the admin can maintain the various settings of the router. For this purpose, the user will have to go for Admin Login. In this procedure, the user will need the User ID & Admin Password. Many times, the user gets… Read More »

Resetting Router Defaults

Resetting Router Defaults We use the router in the wifi network to access the internet. The router acts as the Default Gateway through which we can access the internet. The user will need to have the wifi password to access the wifi network. They can also modify the settings of the router if they have the admin password… Read More »

How to Find Default Gateway in MAC?

Default Gateway A Default Gateway can be defined as the path through which a device establishes an internet connection. In simple words, it is a gate through which the data is exchanged between the device & the internet in a local network. Generally, the Default Gateway is an IP Address ( which is assigned to the router in… Read More »


IPv6 The IPv6 is the 6th Internet Protocol Version. This is an advancement over the 4th Internet Protocol version (IPv4). The 6th version is also known as a set of specifications as given by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to upgrade the 4th version. This version was introduced to overcome the IP Address ( pool shortage due… Read More »


IPv4 The term IPv4 denotes the Internet Protocol Version 4. This protocol version is used in data communication in different types of networks. It is a connectionless protocol which is used in the packet switched layer networks. The protocol provides a logical connection by providing the internet address to the devices. This protocol version is provided by the… Read More »

Restore Backup on Router

Router & its Function A router can be defined as the most important part of the Local Area network. This is a device which provides the internet connections to the intermediate devices in the local network. It also supplies the IP Addresses ( to the devices in the network. The router also acts as the Default Gateway for… Read More »

Get Backup of Router Settings

What is Router? The routers play an important role in the local area networks. These provide various internet settings to the devices connected in the network. The routers also provide the IP Addresses ( to the devices. These can also act as the Default Gateway in the local network. The routers also manage internet connections in the local… Read More »

Restore Default Settings of Router

What is a Router? A router is a device which is used in the local area networks. This device performs the various actions necessary to be connected with the internet. The networks admins can also access various settings of the internet. It is also used by the network admins to access the various protocols of the internet. This… Read More »


L2TP The term L2TP is a protocol widely used in computer networking. This is known as the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. This protocol is generally used to support the use or generation of the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). This protocol is known for the privacy it provides to the data of the user. It uses an encryption model… Read More »


PPPoE The term PPPoE stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet. This is a technology for encapsulating Point-to-Point frames in  Ethernet frames. This protocol is used with the DSL Services in which a user connects with the router or modem using ethernet. Thus we can say that this protocol is helpful for the Internet Services Providers to manage the… Read More »