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The term IPv4 denotes the Internet Protocol Version 4. This protocol version is used in data communication in different types of networks. It is a connectionless protocol which is used in the packet switched layer networks. The protocol provides a logical connection by providing the internet address to the devices. This protocol version is provided by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Here we will provide further details of this protocol version to the users. Thus they must follow the article to get these details.

IP Address Format in 4th Internet Procol Version

The 4th protocol version of the internet is designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). According to this authority, the 4th internet protocol version provides the 32 bits IP Address ( space. This protocol provides the IP Address pool for private networks. It has five classes. Those classes are as follows.

  1. Class A: 8 bits network host.
  2. Class B: 16 bit network host.
  3. Class C: 24 bit network host.
  4. Class D:Reserved for multicast Operations.
  5. Class E: Reserved for future experiments.

According to this Protocol version, the IP Address is denoted as follows.


Internet Protocol Version 4 IP Address ranges & their uses

Some of the IP Address ranges of the IPv4 type IPs & their uses are as follows.

Address range Number of addresses Scope to 16777216 Addresses Software to 16777216 Addresses Private network to 4194304 Addresses Private network to 16777216 Addresses Host to 65536 Addresses Subnet to 1048576 Addresses Private network to 256 Addresses Private network to 256 Addresses Documentation to 256 Addresses Internet to 65536 Addresses Private network to 131072 Addresses Private network to 256 Addresses Documentation to 256 Addresses Documentation to 268435456 Addresses Internet to 268435456 Addresses Internet 1 IP Address Subnet

These are some of the IP Addresses ranges & their uses. If the users still face any issues then they must leave a comment below to ask their queries. We will get back to them as soon as possible.

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