How to Find Router’s Default Gateway?

By | May 17, 2019

Default Gateway

The Default Gateway ( can be defined as the intermediate between the user’s device & the internet. The Default Gateway is provided by the ISP. It can help the users to manage the wireless connection properties of the router. The users can use this Default Gateway to access various activities of the Router & the internet connection. Here the users will get the legitimate details of the “How to Find Router’s Default Gateway?”. So they must check the article.

How to Find the Router’s Default Gateway?

If the users want to access the Default Gateway Admin Panel & they are unable to do it then there must be some technical issue or the is not the Default gateway of the router. This can be due to the reason that the router doesn’t use this IP as the Default Gateway or the user have changed the Default IP & forgot the IP.

If this is the case, then the users must not worry, Here we have a solution to this problem.

Simple Procedure to Find Default Gateway of Router

  1. The User can check the Default Gateway from the Routers lable or from the User’s Manual received with the router.
  2. If the User have changed the router’s IP & now forgotten it then the user must reset the router to retreive the Default IP Address. The users can do this by pressing the reset button with the help of a needle present on the router.

How to Find Router's Default Gateway?

  1. Try to use HTTP//: from the search bar of the browser. Sometimes the user doesn’t use HTTP//: while accessing the admin panel & encounters error in the operation.
  2. The user can also contact the Internet Service Provider to get the Default IP Address.
  3. They can also check the Default IP Address from the devices connected with the router.

After finding the Default Gateway, the user can access the Admin Panel & manage various properties of the router. If the users still have an issue then they can contact us to get help & answers to their queries.

Devices which can be used to Find Default Gateway

We can use various devices to find the default gateway. some of the devices are as follows.

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