Get Default Gateway in Android

By | May 17, 2019

Default Gateway

The term Default Gateway can be defined as the intermediate or the router itself which help the devices in a local network to connect with the internet. This default gateway receives information from the user device & provides to the internet & gets the response from the internet to deliver it to the user device. The default gateway is the main part for the user to communicate over the internet. If the user wants to know about the default gateway or default router IP then the user can find it from the device. The user can also check the link How to Find Router’s Default Gateway? In this article, the user will find the procedure to Get Default Gateway in Android. So the users must check the article to get these details.

How Android Device Connects with the Internet?

The Android Device user can connect the device by the methods as given below.

  • Cellular Network.
  • Wifi Network.

While connecting with the wifi network, the user will get the Default gateway from the router. This default gateway will help the user to connect with the internet & access various information from the internet.

Get Default Gateway in Android

The Android Device users can get the default gateway with the help of an easy procedure. They must check the easy procedure to check the Default gateway by following the procedure details as given below.

  • Connect the Android Device with WIFI network of router.
  • Now go to the settings menu.

Get Default Gateway in Android

  • Tap on Wifi Network.

  • Now tap on the wifi network which the device is currently using.
  • Tap on Advanced button.
  • The Default gateway (say details will be on the screen of device.

This procedure can help the user to get the Default Gateway details. The users can also contact us if they have any question regarding these details.

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