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The term is a Private IP Address which is used by the routers of many manufacturers like Alcatel, Netgear etc. This IP Address is used as the Default IP Address for their routers by these manufacturers. This Default IP can help the user to maintain the router settings according to their demand. They can manage internet settings with the help of this IP. The users will be able to do these operations if they will have the Admin User Id & Password. But in some cases, the user Forgot Admin Password. Now the user gets stuck in this situation. Here we have a solution to overcome this problem.

Forgot Admin Password

In some cases, the user has changed the user password & forgets the new password for the Admin login. Now the user will not be able to access the Admin panel of the router. In this case, the user must not worry about how to log in. We have an easy solution here.

  • The user can try to use the default Admin id & password. These will be written on the router or in the router’s user manual.
  • If the Default user id & password doesn’t work, then the user must try to reset the router to default settings manually. The details of Resetting Router Defaults are given below.

These steps can help the admin to reset the router to the default state as if new. So the user can imply these details to reset the router defaults. It will help the user to for Admin Login.

Difference Between Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

How to Reset Router Defaults Manually?

If the user doesn’t know the Admin Id & password and the default id & password don’t work then the user can try to reset the router manually. The procedure to reset router defaults manually is given below.

  • Check the router & find the reset button on it.
  • Grab a needle or sharp pin.
  • Press the reset button for approximately 15 seconds.

Forgot Admin Password

  • The router will now reboot to default settings.

The users can also contact us if they still have an issue. We will sort out their issues as soon as possible. Also, check the Resetting Router Defaults.

Restore Default Settings of Router

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