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As we all know that the internet can be accessed by our devices through a default gateway. The routers will provide the Default Gateway or Default IP Addresses to the devices which will connect to the router. These default Gateways will provide access to the internet in the devices. The is a default IP address for various devices like Routers, Modems, Webcams etc. Many router companies like Alcatel, Netgear, Siemens etc use as default IP Address.

The is a private IP Address. This address will be provided by the ISP to the router or modem. It can only be used inside a private network.

How to Access the Admin Console of

The users will be able to access the admin console of by using the login credentials. They can change or modify the network settings & restrictions using the admin login credentials. The users will have to follow some simple steps to get access to the admin console.

  • Connect the device with the Wifi or LAN Cable.
  • Open the browser in the computer, laptop, mobile phone.
  • Search for in the search bar of the browser.
  • The Admin Login window will open now.

  • Now Login with the credentials.
  • The users will noiw have the access to all functions of the router.

There will be no restriction for the use of the browser to open this window. Therefore the users can access the admin panel of the router by using any browser. Check Admin Login

Why we need Log in details to open Admin Panel (

The users must have the Login details to access the admin panel of the They will be able to modify the various aspects of the connection through this gateway by using these details. The Login credentials can also be used to define their own admin details like username & password. The users can also change the Wifi Passwords using these details.

A basic difference between Admin password & Wifi Password

The Admin password for will open the admin panel of the Gateway. It will provide access to the various functions of the router to the users. The users can define their own settings in the router admin panel using the Admin password. They can also manage the devices which can connect to this IP.

On the other hand, the Wifi Password is the security key to connect to the network. The users will need this password to connect their device with wifi. check Difference Between Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

Functions Available in Admin Panel of

The users will get various functions from the admin panel. These functions can be used to define network settings. Thus the users must check the list of functions available in Admin panel.

These are some of the settings which the user can manage through the admin panel.

What to do if not able to access

Sometimes the users are not able to access the admin panel of the This can occur due to some physical errors & technical errors. So it is necessary to know about the things to do in this condition. Some of the corrective measures a user can take are as follows.

  • First of all check that the router is switched on & connected properly with modem.

  • Now check that any antivirus or firewall is not blocking the browser to access the
  • Now check the is correctly spelt in the search bar.

  • The user must be sure that the is the default IP address for the router.
  • User can also use another browser to access the admin panel.

Check Unable to Login

How to Know about Default IP Address?

The users can check the Default IP Address by using their devices. They can also check the Default IP Address details from the router manual or it will be available on the router. The devices which can be used to check the Default IP Address of the router are as follows.

There will be a separate procedure which can be used in these devices to know about the Default IP Address.

If users have any questions then they can let us know. We will resolve their problems.